Yonex badminton rackets – are they the nice?

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Yonex badminton rackets are utilized by more pinnacle players than every other manufacturer. Yonex are the dominant force in badminton nowadays. The query is, are they the nice?

The modern-day yonex racket is the arcsaber 10 and it retails at round £one hundred sixty, which just about makes it the maximum expensive badminton racket ever made. Other top stop yonex rackets are the armortec series and the nano velocity series. The muscle energy collection are also nonetheless going strong. Expenses for those rackets range from around £eighty to £a hundred and ten, which is a big amount of cash to spend money on a badminton racket.

For my part, yonex badminton rackets are satisfactory merchandise, however i do think the prices are a bit too high. There may be no a laugh in breaking your badminton racket in a conflict with your companions racket, particularly while your new bat has just set you lower back over £one hundred. This occurs over and over, and no warranty on this earth will cowl unintentional harm. I realize this from personal revel in, and at that moment, no racket is really worth the cash, in particular if simplest your racket has broke.

I have used many yonex badminton rackets through the years, from the early cab 8dx, cab 20 and cab 21. The cab 21 is considered one of my favourite rackets of all time, an absolute conventional. I then moved to the yonex aerotus collection, which proved to be a huge sadness. I had three of those and all of them snapped, and now not on a person elses racket i might upload.

After this awful experience i commenced to use carlton badminton rackets, and i can say that they’re terrific badminton rackets. In case you are searching out an alternative to yonex badminton rackets then i propose giving carlton a strive. I nonetheless use the carlton airblade tour, as well as yonex rackets.

Yonex has now got robust opposition in the west. Wilson and head are actually bringing out increasingly more badminton rackets. With a proven music document in tennis, they’re now setting their knowledge into badminton. This may only advantage us gamers, and variety is the spice of life.

But, in the a long way east, yonex dominates. They have a larger choice of rackets that cater for all standards. They were generating badminton rackets or longer than the opposite groups, and are continually at the leading edge of era. The arcsaber variety is evidence that they do now not rest on their laurels.

Yonex badminton rackets are likely the quality you may get. The truth that you can see almost each top ranked badminton player the usage of their equipment adds to their recognition. In spite of everything, if they’re accurate enough for the fine players they must without a doubt be desirable enough for us,proper?