Li-Ning N7 Badminton Racket Review

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li-ning is a famous badminton brand. they currently sponsor the chinese language country wide crew plus severa players on the expert circuit. they’ve a reputation for manufacturing first-class badminton rackets.

i rarely have the possibility to test li-ning rackets, so it’s far with brilliant delight i introduce li ning n7. i hear this is the racket utilized by former world and olympic champion cai yun – a super participant, despite the fact that have not visible this for myself. historically, he desired head heavy rackets and used to favour yonex armortec 900 t wherein the weight turned into balanced in the direction of the t in place of the top of the pinnacle.

the huge frustration with li-ning is that many gamers, consisting of myself, do now not apprehend the racket variety. evidently li-ning make it so difficult to offer specifications. it’s a disgrace because they might possibly sell more rackets if gamers understood them.

so, in penning this assessment i extend an invitation to the sales team at li-ning to contact me to give an explanation for their racket range and specifications and i will proportion this with you.

On to my evaluate
that is a 3u (eighty five-89g) g5 (smaller grip) it’s far strung with a li-ning string fantastically tight, a hint tighter as compared to some producers. from initial experience i estimate n7 is a medium flex, medium head heavy racket. the case for this racket is top notch in seems and accessibility of the racket. access is via the quick aspect and the racket certainly slides in without problems. n7 is a predominantly white racket with black decals. there’s an elegant appearance and experience ordinary so top marks to li-ning. i like the clear grommets too. my simplest trouble with them is that they’re tough to buy.

there’s one other issue. li-ning do not make their racket stencil to be had for buy. how dumb is that? come on, if you layout a racket then please ensure stringers and gamers can obtain spares. rant over!

loose guide (click on photograph)

it’s hitting time
while i’ve reviewed more than one li-ning rackets in the beyond, it changed into a long time ago and i most effective remember n90 ii so i don’t have many li-ning reference factors to base my evaluate.

preliminary experience is a more bendy and less weightier version of n90 ii. that’s a good signal. having performed with a number of lighter rackets currently, n7 initially felt heavy. that said, with accurate timing and backing off looking to hit hard the racket commenced to reveal me what it’s got.

i’ve to say that in this assessment there have been many activities once I desired to rip out the string. individually the string feels difficult with none bite and to me this hindered performance. lamentably, i hadn’t the time to restring but am assured outcomes can best improve with a restring. so my first tip could be to make certain you ask for a restring if you wish to buy this racket.

overhead performance
my first batch of clears were negative and that i felt like i was hitting with a plank of timber. backing off a touch and i soon located an amazing period. the racket plays stiffer than i expected which in a few approaches turned into a pleasing surprise. readers of my opinions will recognize that traditionally i tend to favour head heavy rackets.

i could sense the weight of n7 coming via the shot which i accept as true with lets in a participant to experience the racket on the shot better than say a mild headed racket. there’s additionally proper aerodynamic drift with this body.

drop pictures have been lots higher and that adorable weight within the head gives an awesome solid experience. even as there was an element of contact and experience missing, i’ll lay the blame on the string. there wasn’t the bite with slice photographs and pretty a lot of string motion on the slice. that is due to a aggregate of tension and a smoother outer string wrap.

i definitely like the aerodynamic qualities of this racket. there are many frames i’ve examined that may nearly be considered “boxey” and missing in pace. not so with n7. it cuts via the air truely properly.

smashes were quite precise despite the fact that to start with i didn’t sincerely get the power out of this frame that i expected. this was maximum actually one of those occasions where you stick at it. evidently much less is more works great with n7 and it rewards a extra cozy and but direct hitting style. that said i can’t see “wristy” gamers getting plenty out of this racket.

speedy, mid-court docket exchanges were excellent and the aerodynamic traits surely helps. you still must paintings tough on these pictures that’s predicted with this type of head heavy body, however it produces a pleasant, sturdy punch with little backswing.

defensively n7 carried out better than anticipated. of direction, it won’t be as fast as a head mild racket, however i love that more weight behind the shot. the extra pork in the back of the elevate and force with an brought strong sense on the block provide right manage. but, you’ve started working your hands and be prepared early.

net location
net shots and knock offs had been satisfactory even though once more, early coaching is a must. this is ideal as the racket forces proper approach and right behavior. you haven’t the time for pics and the body movements too slow for this form of late hitting.


i could easily were disillusioned with n7. however, typical it’s a simply suitable racket – simply pick out a special string. there are times when you can make rash decisions about a racket instead of stick with and parent it out. now and again this means making changes to your recreation and this can be desirable. the more i reflect onconsideration on this racket, the greater i see the likeness to yonex armortec 900 t, but the head is heavier.

rrp is £one hundred seventy with online outlets discounting to around £one hundred ten that’s a good deal. this is lots of racket for the fee and consequently nicely well worth a take a look at.

universal i’d say this is a good racket if you like those specifications. individually i’d request a specific string and most of the online outlets provide this selection at no cost so take it. i supply this racket a four famous person rating.

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