Parts of a badminton racket

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The item of the sport of badminton is to hit a small device that resembles a rubber ball with a hoop of feathers connected to it, referred to as a travel, backward and forward throughout a raised net the usage of a racket. The badminton racket is lightweight yet robust. As soon as made of wood, these rackets are actually made of high-tech substances. The badminton world federation (bwf) defines the laws that determine the parts, form, form and weight of badminton rackets for opposition use.


Historically, badminton frames have been constituted of wooden. Despite the fact that still to be had, timber rackets have largely been deserted due to the provision of lighter, greater long lasting artificial materials consisting of carbon fiber, lightweight metallic alloys and ceramics. Those are used in most contemporary badminton rackets today.


The body of the racket itself is called the body. It includes the top, the stringed area, the throat, the shaft and the deal with. Consistent with bwf legal guidelines, the period of the body have to be now not than 680 millimeters or wider than 230 millimeters. The load of a totally strung frame have to be within 80 and 100 grams. Frames can are available distinctive shapes, with larger or smaller sweet spots, and may be more or less flexible, depending on the substances used and their creation.

The head of the racket is the ring of cloth that holds the strings in vicinity. It is able to be oval or extra rounded, and has holes in its perimeter even though which the strings are laced.
Stringed region

The stringed place is made of nylon or carbon fiber string this is interwoven to shape the face of the racket. Its dimensions, consistent with bwf rules, ought to now not exceed 280 millimeters in period or 220 millimeters in width.

The throat connects the pinnacle to the shaft. It could be a separate triangular piece at the bottom of the pinnacle, or may additionally simply be incorporated into the pinnacle itself.

The shaft is the lengthy rod among the throat and cope with. Regularly made from a composite cloth which include graphite, the shaft may be stiffer or more flexible based totally on the desires of the player.

The handle connects to the shaft and is used to preserve the racket. The handle is protected with a cloth referred to as the grip. There are styles of grips: towel grips are properly for soaking up moisture, but may also want to be changed frequently; synthetic grips are less absorbent however extra durable.

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