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As i paintings for a badminton store, i’m occasionally asked to study other manufacturer’s racquets. Towards this backcloth, i recently examined a victor bravesword 10 badminton racquet and were given a big wonder.

A few years in the past, the victor emblem become extremely small inside the uk, particularly considered a eu brand. We knew little or no approximately their products and level of quality. That changed just over a yr ago when it turned into introduced that they have been the brand new sponsors of the korean national badminton group. This become a critical jump forward for victor and ultimately gave them an worldwide seal of approval in terms of satisfactory. In spite of everything, if a racquet is ideal enough for lee yong dae, modern olympic combined doubles champion and global mens doubles silver medallist, and his group, then it need to be desirable!

On to my evaluate…

The victor bravesword 10 is the “second” racquet inside the bravesword collection, the cream of the victor badminton variety, sitting either facet of the nine and 11.

It’s a very good searching racquet in charcoal gray, with flashes of crimson, white and what seems like a hologram strip along the aspect of the pinnacle. It arrived in a full period bag in crimson with the call at the bag to distinguish it from the nine and eleven. That is a high great full-cover bag too, not anything flimsy here.

Grip size is g3 that is the smaller of the two grip sizes on victor racquets. It is equivalent to a length three.5 inches or yonex g4, that’s a bit confusing. Weight is 86g. Curiously, this racquet has a most endorsed stringing anxiety of 30lbs so it’s were given to be very robust and should be extremely famous within the asian market in which strings tensions are so much better.

That is a fairly even balanced badminton racquet, barely head heavy, but not an excessive amount of. The shaft is specific stiff.

Generally once I check and evaluation racquets, i really like to play with the racquet manufacturing unit strung. On this occasion, the bravesword 10 have been custom strung to around 26lbs. Rather than be dissatisfied, i used to be really delighted and you may see why while you study on.

Bravesword generation revolves across the form of the body – that’s honestly the form of a sword. And this racquet virtually sounds like one as you can listen it cut via the air!

Overhead performance

Do you ever pick out up a racquet and simply are aware of it’s going to be properly? After I walked directly to court docket with bravesword 10, i had one of those moments.

The primary hit showed that this badminton racket had that special first-class. Clears have been easy and there was plenty of contact for drop photographs. The racquet without a doubt cuts via the air speedy which allows for splendid velocity, even though the control continues to be there. The string tension felt “right” for this racquet. Occasionally they may be strung too tight that it’s harder to generate energy. It’d be interesting to experiment with string tensions on this racquet as i sense it has were given even more to offer.

There may be a bit weight inside the head, which is ideal as you can sense the waft of the racquet inside the swing, and enhances overall performance and control.

The mixture of the air resistance qualities of the racquet, the stiff shaft and the mild weight within the head, generate a number of energy. Sure, that is virtually a effective racquet.


Defensively this racquet changed into clean to use. Again, the air resistance qualities of the head made the racquet smooth to manoeuvre and the moderate weight in the head become inadequate to counter this pace. In reality, the aggregate worked very well indeed as you felt there was some meat in the back of drive returns.

Internet place

A racquet that performs nicely in defence constantly plays properly around the internet region. After all, we’re talking approximately generating controlled racquet velocity here, in very quick bursts with the slightest contact for the surely tight net photographs. Once more, bs10 turned into first-rate.


It’s been a long time considering i’ve had the pleasure of testing any other producer’s racquet of such excellent. The bravesword 10 turned into super in each place i examined. Rrp is £109.95 that is wonderful for a racquet of this quality. Outlets will bargain to below £a hundred so you’re getting an absolute bargain here.

The bravesword 10 has the accolade of being my first five celebrity racquet in the victor variety and additionally my first five big name racquet out of all of the other producer’s stages i’ve examined. Credit to victor right here for producing this type of extremely good racquet.

There is no doubt that the victor emblem is now international elegance. At the same time as it’s fantastically unknown in united kingdom in the mean time, i am sure that their excellent and pricing will without difficulty discover a manner into the market. You’d be sensible to test victor’s bravesword 10 if you could find one, because this level of quality deserves a place next to the most famous brands.

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