What do you think about when selecting a brand new badminton racquet?

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Nearly each day i get hold of emails from badminton players round the world telling me about their fashion of play on a badminton court docket. They then ask me which is the pleasant racquet for his or her specific style of play.

If you’ve hung out analyzing my blog or forum you’ll probably already recognise the solution i’d deliver. However, for the reader that hasn’t been around this weblog, here is the solution i usually give…

“your style, technique, badminton enjoy, physique and muscular structure are unique to mine and anybody else for that be counted. Therefore, how you feel approximately a badminton racquet may also be extraordinary to me and each different participant. This indicates no one can appropriately propose you which ones racquet to apply.”

I truly consider that the most effective individual who can decide whether a racquet is proper for you…Is you. However, this means you have to take a while and undergo the revel in of checking out distinctive racquets.

And, this is where the large difficulty is. Most gamers do now not have access to a wide range of badminton racquets. There are only a few stores who have demo racquets for players to test on court docket this means that it’s almost impossible to get your choice proper at a primary try.

Experience counts?

As your badminton revel in grows, you develop a sense or intuition for what you like in a racquet and additionally what you dislike. This enjoy, at the same time as beneficial, can sometimes be to the detriment of your sport. Let me come up with an instance…

A few years ago i selected armortec 900 power as my racquet of preference. I truly cherished the racquet and it seemed to cover many elements of my recreation. Now not being a certainly powerful participant, i needed the additional weight within the head of the racquet to help me hit hard.

Sooner or later i used to be strolling a demo consultation with a participant and for a few purpose surely struggled defensively which made me query my decision on at900p. For the subsequent season, i switched racquets to nanospeed 9900 which changed into head light. Right away my defence turned into “back to everyday” and for a time i was nonetheless hitting tough.

Throughout the season i observed that my damage changed into being returned extra regularly which puzzled me. What had changed? It took a while to parent out that my frame had adjusted to the lighter headed racquet. Initially, switching from a head heavy to go light racquet intended my muscle tissues had been used to working harder to play an overhead shot. After I switched, the muscular tissues labored just as tough, which to begin with got me a higher end result. Over the years, the muscle groups eased off for a few motive, which ultimately left me with a worse end result.

So, i picked up my old at900p and attempted it again. At first it felt slow however after I started to wreck there has been a direct improvement. It then dawned on me what had been going on and that i had been asking the incorrect questions.

The lesson here is that in spite of my revel in i made an blunders because of drawing conclusions without asking the right questions. I now realize what questions to ask earlier than selecting a racquet – do you?

Ask the proper questions

The primary question you should definitely be asking is…

1) do i actually need a new racquet?

You spot, many players create beliefs so that you can justify to themselves that they need a new racquet. Most of the time the records are simple – you do not want one. But, the advertising and marketing from the racquet businesses entice us into believing that playing with “that” racquet will almost magically make you a higher player. That genuinely isn’t genuine.

If you really want to peer sizeable development in your recreation, then invest in a training direction or a educate. An awesome instruct can do more to help you improve your sport than any new racquet can.

Of course, in case your racquet has a crack, or is calling very worn then it is possibly the right time to exchange it. Allow’s also remember that an excellent re-string also can remodel the overall performance in a racquet, so check string anxiety and form of string too.

Good enough, we have protected the first point. What’s the following question?

2) what are the traits of my modern racquet that i definitely like/dislike?

You want to be conscious why you want your current racquet because ultimately it is the manual, your place to begin to knowing wherein to start selecting a replacement. If you like a medium flex shaft then possibly that is the maximum critical feature you need in a new racquet. By all method take a look at a racquet with flexible or stiff shaft to validate your information, simply if you locate your tastes have changed. Do the equal with head weight, real weight of the racquet and grip size even though i recognize a few countries have constrained services in a number of those characteristics compared to others.

Three) what components of my sport do i need to enhance with this new racquet?

This question makes you study your cutting-edge game first to determine which might be the maximum important features you’d like to improve. Would a change in racquet surely assist? The answer may be tremendous relying on which features are for your private listing.

4) what elements of my game am i prepared to permit a dip in performance until i can repair them?

That is just as crucial as question 3. Let’s give you a short example right here. You’ve determined which you need more power in your overhead and consequently are now in search of a head heavy racquet. This could bring about a discount on your on the spot capability in defence and across the internet location because the racquet head will move slower than your modern-day version. However, this will be advanced clearly with the aid of doing my armchair exercises.

Five) what am i organized to pay?

Obvious query, i recognize. We all play on a budget so you then need to weigh up whether or not you’re looking on the greater expensive racquets and perhaps buying one racquet, or do you compromise a touch and study the mid-fee to price range racquets in which you could possibly purchase two or more of the same racquet (when you know it’s the racquet for you) and consequently have a spare for the ones instances when you break a string, or worse case, damage the body in a collision.


I have covered some of points right here. Take into account, no one can accurately inform you a particular badminton racquet will fit your needs exceptional. By all approach concentrate to different gamers, but bear in mind, they are no longer you and therefore have completely one of a kind references for what makes an awesome racquet. Ask them if they do not thoughts you trying their racquet then at the least you have the expertise of both maintaining it in your like listing or you can right now discard it as some thing absolutely alien and now not really worth making an investment in.

Use the questions i’ve given you and optimistically you’ll make a greater informed selection. Keep your ego out of the way. In other words, do not purchase the next first rate aspect this is launched from a manufacturer because your favored participant is using it. What suits them is not likely to fit your needs and it genuinely might not make you play like them! If you do purchase this sort of racquets and you then don’t love it, suppose how you appearance in front of your badminton friends? I am positive some can be questioning you have got extra money than sense!

Subsequently, do take into account that you could get a much better return on investing in a educate or training. Resolving bad method problems and supporting you study greater competencies will ensure you have got these talents for lifestyles. Your badminton racquet will rarely last up to that.

Paul stewart is an advanced badminton coach based totally in cheshire, united kingdom but additionally coaches in lancashire, uk.

He was head teach for greater manchester junior badminton affiliation among 1995-1999 regularly running 2 squads at weekends. The spotlight of coaching those squads turned into accomplishing a medal for 1/3 vicinity on the 1999 ict match. The ict is considered the top of the county junior calendar and is the most highly prominent for crew places.

He has a weekly coaching consultation for league badminton players and is also training county juniors as one of the assistant coaches inside the middlewich cell of cheshire county juniors.

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