Sotx badminton rackets – a rival for yonex?

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Sotx badminton rackets are a exceptionally new name in the badminton world, but, they had been developing at a fast charge in china. Now they’ve entered the United Kingdom and us market, selling a wide variety of badminton gadget including rackets, shuttlecocks, baggage, clothing and shoes. Sotx was formed in china in 2002, and now have many retailers in the course of many major chinese language towns. Sotx has additionally accelerated globally, into 20 different countries, and are extraordinarily lively in promoting the sport of badminton. This can handiest be excellent for our sport, more opposition does not harm anyone, and it is able to properly help to lower prices for folks who buy badminton rackets.

I bet it turned into inevitable that a main badminton racquet organization evolved in china, the most effective thriller is that i didn’t appear sooner. Yonex is the maximum a success manufacturer inside the far east, selling tens of millions of rackets each year. However, sotx appear to making pretty an effect, and are already eating into the market percentage. This speedy growth has now visible sotx badminton come to the west, in the united kingdom and in the us.

There are 9 ranges within the sotx line up, and the flagship rackets are the cp collection, which stands for commax electricity, or circle strength. Those racquets are made from excessive modulus carbon, and additionally consist of a new technology distinctive to sotx, force seasoned nano. Pressure pro nano technology is designed to reduce vibration which could motive damage and strain to wrist, arm and shoulder muscles. The cp collection is designed to resist higher stringing tensions, as high as 31lbs. This tension produces immoderate vibration in normal badminton rackets, however with the force seasoned era, this is not the case. The gain to badminton players could be huge, and sotx seems to be the only contemporary manufacturer imparting this safety for players. I bet the best way to inform if this technology works is to strive it for yourself. String your racket at 31lbs anxiety and spot if your arm aches after some hours play. The best different hassle is locating a string which can take this strain with out breaking.

The drawback to this engineering is the price. The pinnacle of the variety cp 7000 retails for around £109 in the united kingdom, and $300 within the us. This puts sotx in direct competition with the pinnacle yonex offerings, who have already got a solid popularity for fine and innovation. The cp 7000 is likewise very stiff, which provides to the vibration, and as such is handiest recommended for experienced gamers, who’re capable of get the maximum out of those forms of racquets.

At these fees i suppose it is going to be hard for sotx to promote many rackets, however in time, as their recognition grows and greater online shops stock their merchandise, the charges will fall to more reasonable prices, in line with maximum of the opposition. The relaxation of the cp variety are the 6000, which is a piece extra bendy, the 5000 that’s yet greater flexible and lighter, all the way all the way down to the cp a thousand, or even this entry level racket will set you lower back round £60.

Things get even greater high-priced with the sotx woven variety. The woven sixteen charges a whopping £129.Ninety nine… Gulp. It’s miles developed from high grade carbon fibre and glass fibre which make it more strong and easier to manipulate. It can also be strung to excessive tensions, however it does not have the pressure seasoned generation so that you will most probably experience all of the vibration at high tensions. Cue the arm and shoulder accidents. There are some other nine rackets in this range, which might be all very similar, and the bottom of the range is the woven-2i, which nevertheless costs £49.Ninety nine.

The sotx diamond fighter variety is crafted from special reminiscence alloy which reduces the getting older system of the racket. How it does this i do not recognise, but it does seem very similar to the yonex arcsaber variety.

There may be additionally the brilliant mild range, which, because the call implies, gives very light rackets, down to just seventy five grams, which is in direct competition with karakal badminton gadget, most effective sotx is more steeply-priced. The choice is yours…

It seems that sotx is the new kid on the block, and the greater installed manufacturers could come underneath risk. The primary stumbling block for sotx badminton rackets is gaining an sincere reputation for first-rate and durability, and simplest time will tell if they’re a hit.

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