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I’m in love…Allow me introduce you to yonex’s new flagship racquet, the voltric 80.

This racquet changed into released at 2011 all england badminton championships, where it proved to be a actual winner on court docket thru mens singles winner lee chong wei, and mens doubles winner mathias boe (his partner used vt70).

In my review of vt70 i raved approximately the brand new technology and design and stated that yonex had in reality were given it right with this series of badminton racquets. In my opinion, by hook or by crook yonex have controlled to go one better with vt80 as it’s got lots extra to give.

The voltric arrived in a full duration bag, which is now widespread for the voltric range. Yonex have continued to enhance at the snap shots and this racquet is very hanging in crimson, black, white and gold. It’s appears a lot better than vt70.

This particular model is simplest available in 3u (weight eighty four-89g) in uk, and grip length g4 that is the smaller of the grip sizes commonly on offer in uk.

This is a extremely good racquet in phrases of what it’s supposed to do. In essence, yonex have mixed the aerodynamic features of a z cut down with the thin frame of a nanospeed 9900 (no longer as thin as vt70, although the shaft is the slimmest in yonex range) and given the racquet the top weight of an armortec. Resourceful. We already know the era works from my evaluation of vt70, so how tons higher can this racquet be?

Stability clever, that is a head heavy racquet, but genuinely now not as heavy as at700. I’d say this is very close to the weight on armortec 900 energy that is consequently why lee chong wei likes the racquet.

This racquet has a skinny however stiff shaft which appears to be slightly longer than conventional racquets via round 1cm, which could be very much like z scale back. This ought to therefore have a broader appeal to gamers specially lovers of armortec 900 who’re searching out greater from their racquet.

The frame is virtually skinny despite the fact that i might say it is a good length instead of the notable skinny with bulges we witnessed on voltric 70. Once more, the burden is at the pinnacle of the head. This racquet also has the sound filters although to my thoughts they don’t add some thing on your performance.

Maximum recommended anxiety on this racquet is 27lbs. That is clearly going to appeal extra to the players who like higher tensions and have been dissatisfied with preceding offerings from yonex. Absolute confidence the professionals had their voltric eighty’s strung a great deal tighter in any respect englands, however there again, they do no longer have guarantee problems to remember.

On with the evaluation…

The string anxiety in this racquet feels good enough at around 18-20lbs that is extra than good enough for plenty league players. I do tend to like my racquets strung tighter but readers of my opinions know that i additionally like to test racquets “immediately out of the bag.” as you could imagine, i’m searching forward to trying out this racquet again with a better tension.

It is hitting time…

As readers of my badminton weblog will realize, i have a tremendous affinity with yonex armortec 900 energy. With this in thoughts, i used to be searching ahead to checking out voltric eighty and evaluating it to at900 p and z lessen.

I am not too eager on g4 grip sizes so i had to build the grip previous to playing. I recognize this modified the stability a little, but it had to be performed.

No matter the marginally spongy feel due to the lower anxiety from factory stringing, i’ve were given to say wow!

Inside the energy department, clears had been handy. There have been no shaky body shots i would skilled with z cut down. Each shot become timed nicely and it felt stunning.

I in reality love the feel of the top on voltric 80. Yes, it is got a few weight, but it simply made the whole thing i hit less difficult – besides the go back and forth i misplaced in the light and missed completely (ahem – my excuse). What amazed me most changed into the electricity from my break. I can virtually say i hit the commute constantly harder than i’ve ever finished before. I hit bazookas i have never hit in years. This introduced the electricity of the z shrink, with out the inconsistency – i’m now ecstatic! That is so much higher than at900p, via an extended manner. I by no means notion i might be announcing that.

Voltric range has been badged because the range to replace the very popular armortec variety. Worry now not armortec fans, this isn’t always a substitute – it is a huge development.

So, we recognize this racquet packs a huge regular wallop within the power branch. Permit’s test its defensive abilities.

I had mark spoil a few shuttles at me and he can hit hard. Defensively this badminton racquet delivered whenever and reminded me of the velocity of my nano9900 even though i should still sense the load inside the head. However, it wasn’t off-setting and gave me more meat in the racquet head to return the shuttle. It become smooth to manoeuvre because of the air resistance features of the frame, and i failed to note any particular drag problems that head heavy racquets generally tend to supply. I do like the texture of that weight in the head. As i said in my evaluation of voltric 70, it approach you’ve got a higher appreciation in which the racquet head is journeying to.

Notwithstanding the burden inside the head, the aero dynamic features of the body intended that there was best a minor lack of velocity around the internet. However, this is understandable as a head mild racquet will always tour quicker. Universal, around the internet voltric 80 turned into fantastic – sufficient said.


If you read this some distance, you may tell i like this racquet. I’ll pass past this and say that voltric eighty is, absolutely, the maximum outstanding racquet i have ever utilized in my 34 years in badminton!

It’s were given the whole lot, superb power, super coping with, notable-rapid in defence and appears and feels wonderful.

With an rrp of 190 kilos sterling, this is probably the most pricey racquet in yonex variety. This can immediately placed a lot of gamers off, that is truthful enough within the modern-day weather. Similarly to that, a clash of racquets ought to shatter the frame, so it’s probably a higher chance than lesser priced racquets. In a few respects you can buy 3 racquets for the marketplace charge of voltric eighty, which i think will be around one hundred sixty five-a hundred and seventy while the net discounters sell it.

Whenever i rating a racquet, you know that i deduct half a celeb for the premium priced racquets. But, this time, i’m not. This racquet is so precise, and the maximum superb racquet i have ever performed with, i am going to present it a full 5 megastar score. I doubt i’ll ever try this again.

For me voltric eighty is significantly better than at900p, z decrease and nano9900. It is all of these mixed into one and taking the same old up some other degree.

Girls and gents, i have simply determined and reviewed the holy grail of racquets. Thank you yonex for giving us voltric 80!

Paul stewart is a sophisticated badminton coach based in cheshire, united kingdom however additionally coaches in lancashire, united kingdom.

He become head teach for greater manchester junior badminton association among 1995-1999 often strolling 2 squads at weekends. The spotlight of coaching these squads became accomplishing a medal for 0.33 area on the 1999 ict tournament. The ict is considered the top of the county junior calendar and is the most extraordinarily in demand for group locations.

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