Yonex arcsaber z slash badminton racket assessment

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There may be been a tremendous quantity of traffic on the forums about this badminton racquet. I can not bear in mind a time when a new racquet changed into so eagerly awaited. Yonex japan website enticed us with their advertising, but, they stored us all inside the darkish about the looks of this racquet till some days earlier than release.

While pictures have been to be had, the arcsaber z scale down badminton racquet met with blended response. Some said it changed into ghastly whilst others raved over its colourful photographs. But, did it live as much as the hyped anticipation and expectation? Let’s get into the overview. Specially else, please take into account that deciding on a racquet is non-public and you’re the only individual to choose whether this racquet is for you.

With all the hype surrounding this racquet, i was awaiting a flashy cover – some thing special to set it aside from the relaxation of the yonex variety. As you may believe, i used to be a chunk dissatisfied when I noticed the usual arcsaber racquet cowl. Truthful play to yonex though, they are seeking to standardise their range so, in some ways, why must this racquet get unique treatment?

I had that christmas morning feeling as i slowly unzipped the duvet and pulled out the racquet. Wow! I used to be met by using the most hanging images i have visible on a racquet for some time. If you’re extremely conservative, you could see the racquet as flash or gawdy however i sincerely appreciated it. The snap shots combine black, purple, yellow, gold and white.

At the beginning look, apart from the photographs, this looks as if every other badminton racquet. But, there are a number of variations while investigated in addition.

First of all, the top appears barely thinner. To begin with i concept this changed into because of the stringing. However, yonex stringers are amongst the fine inside the global so this wished nearer inspection. No, that is surely a barely specific shape, drawing in from the edges by way of about half a centimetre each side, which is considerable. The top length is the equal.

The shaft of the z cut down is approximately 1cm longer than my nanospeed 9900 which ought to therefore generate a chunk more electricity. The take care of is round 2cm shorter and ferrule (plastic piece above the take care of) decreased via round 25% (my estimation.) the ferrule itself appears considerably smaller and is a slightly distinctive form. In my view, i can not see this including an awful lot, if some thing, to the racquet’s overall performance, although i’m certain the marketers will tell you differently.

The racquet is a standard 3u (weight 84-89g) with grip size g4. This is a bit unexpected as generally in united kingdom we get grip size g3 which is barely large. Yonex have formerly provided large grip sizes to our market as they take into account we have large palms. So, i can’t recognize why this top-of-the-variety racquet is provided with the smaller grip size. Allow’s move on…

So how does this racquet feel? Clearly it is one-of-a-kind from arcsaber 10. It is nearly a move between armortec 900 strength (which readers will understand is a specific favored of mine) and nanospeed 9900 (my present day racquet).

It is truly properly balanced even though i’d say there is leaning toward greater weight in the head. Prior to heading out of the door, i positioned a grip on the racquet and could not withstand a few swishes in my lounge. Wow! The speed through the air changed into extraordinary. In reality plenty less “drag” than different racquets. This racquet simply felt rapid for power pictures which changed into a wonder, bearing in mind the heavier head. It will be interesting to see the way it offers each in phrases of overhead power and defence.

I used the racquet in a schooling night at my league club. First off i played a recreation of men’s doubles. Within the warm up i felt quite true approximately the racquet despite the fact that knew it was going to take some getting used to.


The racquet is absolutely strong enough. My contact changed into slightly off, however that became partially due to the decrease string anxiety and me having to conform to the racquet. The marginally heavier head became important even though it became simply rapid across the internet.

Where this racquet ratings large time, is when you surely time the stroke well. The travel then travels like a bullet and all the remarks approximately how effective this racquet is may be believed. In the heat up i hit a few excellent smashes that went down like a shell – brilliant, i am prepared for the sport now.

Incorrect! Getting my timing proper in the warm up did no longer put together me for the rate of the sport in any respect. I found that, even with my revel in, i was mis-timing so many overheads. At the same time as i caught at it, we lost the game easily which was disappointing.

I then did a few feeding with the racquet and it felt without a doubt true. Masses of underarm feeding turned into a chunk of cake. I was nonetheless very conscious of the load inside the head of the racquet and felt very comfortable with it.

Following this, i labored with the players on defence. Having formerly been the feeder, i was very eager to get concerned as a participant and try the racquet. I used to be overjoyed with the outcomes. This racquet become truely solid in defence moving in no time to respond to the trip. The more weight inside the head felt remarkable and gave me that additional kick in high lifts to get an excellent duration, even if digging shuttles out of my racquet hip.

Following this we did some speedy hands paintings around the net. Again, i used to be extremely joyful with the racquet. It was genuinely speedy enough in this branch with the brought “meat” and consequently manage i have neglected when the usage of my nanospeed 9900.

Unfortunately, i failed to get to play every other recreation – i will need to anticipate subsequent week.

To sum up my nighttime, the racquet accomplished like a trouper in all departments besides my overhead – the vicinity wherein it is alleged to shine brightest. I clearly became delighted with all of the regions we tested, and boy we examined difficult this night.

I have study with hobby from the badminton forums the remarks made by using gamers who’ve purchased this racquet and located it’s no longer suited them. I will absolutely apprehend the frustrations from these players as i bet i was having exactly the equal feelings early within the night time.

This is a brilliant racquet, no question approximately it. So, why i can not i play with it right away? The answer is straightforward…

The arcsaber z minimize badminton racquet is a racquet that requires coaxing into greatness. While you time your shot proper, this beauty provides power in abundance. And right here lies the crux of the problem…”while.” this racquet takes greater being used to than any i have used before.

Maybe it’s the combination of longer shaft, shorter handle and smaller head? Perhaps it is the aero-dynamic head that actions so rapid when requested to perform in this way – it’s nearly too correct for me right now.

Having idea extra about what i’ve simply written, i’ve come to the conclusion that it is the racquets capability to generate such impressive pace through the air which is catching me out and throwing my timing. When I grasp this, i trust i’m able to tame this beast and be able to get the fine from it.

I also lent this racquet to other gamers this night. The seems on their faces when they timed a break were a sight to peer. I witnessed a few awesome smashing with this racquet this night. But, those large smashes were a completely small percent out of the many hit for the duration of the night.

How am i going to price this racquet? Rrp is around £one hundred eighty which places it because the maximum steeply-priced yonex racquet available on the market. It is likely the most expensive yonex racquet ever! Is it really worth it? Handiest you can inform.

In my view, for plenty players it’ll be out of attain. Perhaps not from a price perspective, but extra so in phrases of what they could get out of it. An average league participant can do better by selecting their next racquet wisely, in preference to questioning the most steeply-priced is the excellent racquet for them.

Having said all of that, and in spite of me now not making a wedding idea on our first date, i actually do love this racquet. I need to spend extra time with it, get to understand it better and find out the way to make us an ideal partnership.

This racquet has bowled me over. I don’t precisely understand why, but i’m itching to test it once more, and once more and need to grasp the overhead timing and notice what this beauty can sincerely supply. I can not await our subsequent date.

I cannot do not forget the final time a racquet had this impact on me. So regardless of the instantaneous terrible component which i assume is because of the impressive velocity via the air this racquet generates, i’m going to charge this racquet at four.Five stars. I actually believe this racquet has the capability to be a conventional, if it could be tamed. I have deducted half of a star due to the fee despite the fact that should confess that this can become withdrawn absolutely and changed to a 5 superstar rating whilst i get used to the great energy this racquet generates.

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