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Yonex uk have added 6 new badminton rackets this yr, following warm at the heels of the notably successful arcsaber z minimize.

Out of all the new rackets, the yonex arcsaber 8dx is the only i have been longing to get my fingers on.

As you would assume, the arcsaber 8dx arrived with normal full period bag, standard among the yonex arcsaber badminton racket variety. The racquet is putting in look with a prevailing mixture of purple, silver, black and copper orange.

This unique version is most effective available in 3u (weight 85-89.9g) and grip size g3 (identical as arcsaber 10 & 7). That is the larger of the 2 grip sizes currently chosen through yonex for uk market.

Right away you choose this racket up, there’s some thing about it that talks exceptional. It is a adorable stability, now not too head heavy although you could experience a hint of weight in the head to get a little meat at the back of the trip. The balance is greater even compared to arcsaber 10.

As with maximum of the top yonex racquets inside the range, the arcsaber 8dx has a stiff shaft, which is ideal for electricity gamers who need a faster reaction from their racquet.

Whilst material construction appears same to different yonex racquets within the range, the arcsaber 8dx is specific a high anxiety racquet, with a maximum advocated string anxiety of 27lbs, that is 3lbs greater than maximum racquets within the modern range.

It’s widely recognized that some of the yonex subsidized gamers had been stringing their racquets way above recommended string tension values for years. Possibly it’s a sign of the instances that yonex has finally delivered a racquet purporting to accept higher tensions, moreso to satisfy public demand from asia for higher tensions. That is now creeping into united kingdom and is a particular concern of mine. To play with high tensions, a participant’s technique should be fantastic, in any other case injuries will occur.

On with the evaluate…

The string anxiety on this racquet feels a touch tighter so there has been no want to arrange a re-string before testing. Readers of my reviews will understand that i really like to check racquets “directly out of the bag.”

From the primary hit i knew i preferred this racquet. Clears have been sailing towards my fighters lower back line with very little attempt on my part. The racquet oozed power however it wasn’t hard to tame like z decrease. It achieved like a champion thoroughbread, giving me the whole lot i desired and extra at the right time.

So, we recognise this racquet packs a mean punch, despite the fact that no longer pretty up to the hitting energy of z scale back. However, it is got some distance extra consistency and manage and that is counts for so much more. What about in different areas of the court docket?

Defensively this racquet delivered each time and reminded me of the rate of my nano9900 even though now not pretty as light inside the head. The mixture of better aerodynamics and barely lighter head paintings truely well here. I may want to manoeuvre the racquet actually speedy with none drag or put off as a result of additional weight within the head.

There may be always a change-off between weight within the head for strength, and a lighter head for pace, but yonex seem to have got the mixture just proper for this racquet.

As you’ll expect, if the racquet provides in defence, then it’s were given to be true around the internet. Yes, no surprises here, it become awesome! I failed to need to make changes for the racquet, it simply played internet pictures or kills without problems and a fast recuperation too. Precisely what i need from a racquet.

Will arcsaber 8dx match each fashion of play? Absolutely. However, that doesn’t imply it will healthy your sport. As you understand, deciding on a racquet is very private and i will believe for a few there will a few frowns, probably thinking the head lacks the weight to raise it into the serious hitting league. That is what personal taste is set.

I’d disagree with this sort of thinking as there are power gamers using very mild-headed racquets. As for me, i don’t forget arcsaber 8dx to be an arcsaber 10 with greater part, a bit bit extra alive and trying to play. It’s the younger child at the block compared to the smart man – it almost encourages you to throw caution to the wind and play on the harmful facet.


As you can inform, i clearly like this racquet. Even as it’s early in our relationship, i cannot wait to get lower back on court and do it all again. I have never felt this stage of exhilaration approximately a racquet considering the fact that z shrink remaining yr. But, i don’t have the disappointment of timing issues this time around – it is almost like taking your preferred racquet, giving it a paint job and handing it returned to you with an armed and perilous sticker attached!

With an rrp of £150, this is a quite hefty price tag. No doubt the web discounters may be promoting for appreciably cheaper than that, so expect to pay round £a hundred thirty, maybe much less. It truly is nonetheless quite a few cash for a racquet, in an effort to turn many players away.

As lots as i like this racquet, the rate will push gamers away and therefore i want to mirror this in my scoring device. Consequently, i will rate this racquet four.5 stars in my 5 celebrity system.

For me, arcsaber 8dx is near, if now not right on the mark, on my holy grail of racquets chart. And this is announcing a lot!

Paul stewart is a sophisticated badminton instruct based in cheshire, united kingdom but additionally coaches in lancashire, uk.

He turned into head instruct for extra manchester junior badminton association between 1995-1999 frequently walking 2 squads at weekends. The spotlight of training those squads turned into attaining a medal for 0.33 vicinity on the 1999 ict tournament. The ict is considered the top of the county junior calendar and is the maximum highly favorite for team places.

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